Monday, May 22, 2006

AMF on American Politics

But there was no excuse for our refusal to become involved in serious politics. It’s just plain cowardice on our part, trying to get out of doing the heavy lifting. Plus I think it was an almost ingrained disgust at the whole corrupting, sickening process of democracy. My God, look at the kind of leaders all this wonderful democracy gave us since Abraham Lincoln trashed the Founding Fathers’ old Constitution and butchered half a million Americans to keep Northern capitalists in power! Since 1865 America has always been led by criminals, incompetents, maniacs, mediocrities, pathological liars and heartless mass murderers. Grant, Cleveland, that drunken buffoon Teddy Roosevelt who was followed by the greasy thief Harding. That syphilitic monster FDR. Kennedy the would-be Caesar, Jimmy Carter with his skull full of mush, the greedy crazy Bushes and the vicious perverted Clintons. And that’s just the presidents! Never mind all the Aaron Burrs, Boss Tweeds, Boss Prendergasts and Daleys and Willie Browns and Alger Hisses and Jesse Jacksons. How can anyone look at American politics and not vomit?

--“A Mighty Fortress”, pg. 245

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The Old Man said...

This site is looking good, Mr. J. Thanks again for the effort, and I'm glad to see someone is getting the message.