Thursday, May 25, 2006

AMF on the Jewish World Outlook

We naturally tend to think of Jews in our own terms, as left-wing and liberal, or as neo-conservative rightists. But in fact they have no world view at all other than their own survival and domination, which is the basis of their entire religion. There is an old rabbinical saying that the first question to be asked about everything is: ‘Is it good for the Jews?’

--“A Might Fortress”, pg 106


Alan B'stard M P said...

Yes I agree. Jews tend to want to control everything. I see you are from Salt lake city ! Aren't Mormons like jews or pro Israel ?

The Old Man said...

Only post-1977 Mormons. Pre-1977 Mormons were pretty solid racially. The main problem they have IMHO is their Prophet's tendency to have "revelations" which are conveniently in conformity with the political trends and fashions of the day. Like polygamy--yes or no? Either God approves of multiple wives or he doesn't. Joseph Smith said yes, Brigham Young said yes, then in 1890 Utah wanted to be admitted as a state so all of a sudden God conveniently changed his mind? How accommodating of Him.