Thursday, May 18, 2006

HOTR on Willful Ignorance and Cosmic Order

For three generations America did terrible things to our people, and that was very bad. But certain people, certain white people, actually benefited from those things, benefited in money and power and position in the community, and that was far worse. The tyrant's crimes were done with the active assistance of many of our own blood, out of willful ignorance or greed or perversions of thought. There are times when the willful, deliberate refusal to understand constitutes a crime and must be punished. There was a cosmic, karmic debt to be paid. Depravity and crapulence must have consequences, or else the world ends. Those who had harmed the Party in any way, those who had openly sided with the United States and given aid and comfort to the tyrant, and those who had defiled their bodies and contaminated their souls through carnal lust with non-whites or with...well, in other ways...they were killed.

--"The Hill of the Ravens", pg. 116

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