Thursday, June 29, 2006

ADT on The NVA and The Media

Reporters and media were to tell only the truth about us, and were not to manipulate words or images to imply untruth, which was always the basis of all left-wing propaganda. The liberal media very seldom outright lied, because they understood that they had to maintain a certain basic credibility in order to carry out their mission of mind control. They were just very selective about what they reported and how they reported it. Restrict the media to the Four Ws they used to teach in journalism school, Who What When and Where, and forbid them to play games with weasel words and sound bytes, and their teeth were pulled. If we planted a bomb or killed someone, then fair enough, that’s news. They were to write up their story or go on the air saying “The Northwest Volunteer Army did this, did it there, did it at such and such a time, etc.”
We also emphasized that in their reportage, we expected balance. We understood that they more or less had to quote and cover official government statements and press releases and that a large part of their content was going to be ZOG propaganda. But the media and their spokesmen were also made to understand that we required them to report why the NVA had done whatever we’d done, and the substance of all NVA press releases or statements on the subject were to be quoted verbatim in time and proportion equal to government press releases, or else we might call upon them at some inconvenient time to express our concerns. Personal opinions were to be confined to the editorial page where they belonged, and not disguised as news or features. Coverage of the war was to be straightforward and factual. There were to be no soppy features or so-called human interest stories whining about the wicked NVA and oh these evil racists done killed such and such a wonderful hooman bean blah blah, no attempts to incite or inflame or paint us as some kind of devils from hell while our opponents were plaster saints. Government propaganda was to be subjected to critical, factual examination. In short, they were to report the news, not take sides.

--"A Distant Thunder", pg 273-274

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