Monday, July 31, 2006

HOTR on Restoring American National Socialism

"Towards the end, FATPO and even the U.S. Marines refused direct orders to go into the Ellensburg district, they were so afraid of Bloody Davey Leach. He also ran out or slaughtered every single race who couldn’t show blood in the face."

"Blood in the face? So Leach is Christian Identity?" [asks another character]

"No, he’s a National Socialist…It’s hard to believe now, when our whole structure of society is based on the Third Reich and when army officers and SS applicants have to pass courses in National Socialist ideology, but there was a long and disgraceful period after Commander Rockwell’s murder when the American National Socialist movement descended into pure slapstick comedy. The Old Man was NS himself, as I am sure you know, and he tried to do what he could to restore some sense of honor, dignity, and purpose to National Socialism in this country, but he once described it as trying to pain the Sistine Chapel with a troop of monkeys let loose in the building. To give him his due, Leach and those NS comrades like him went far towards restoring our ferocious, don’t-fuck-with-the-F├╝hrer’s-boys reputation. The world learned to fear us again, as it should."

--“The Hill of the Ravens”, pg 147

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