Thursday, August 17, 2006

AMF on Righting Wrongs

[Cody Brock] had willing embraced the NVA not out of ideology, but because of simple hatred for the system that had destroyed his family because his father had dared to defend himself against a sodden bully with a black skin, and also because he sought some feasible way to kill his foster family when time and place should serve, and get away with it. It was only when he had begun reading the works of George Lincoln Rockwell and Francis Parker Yockey during his nights on guard duty at various safe houses that he had come to understand why his world was the way it was and what the NVA was fighting for, and his vague sense of his own racial identity had coalesced into a personal commitment to a Homeland for his people. Like so many Volunteers, the Brock boy had started out trying to right his personal wrongs, and ended up as a political soldier trying to right the wrongs of history against his race.

--“A Mighty Fortress”, pg 28

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