Friday, August 11, 2006

AMF on Women and Warfare

"…I shouldn’t be fighting with you at my side. I should be fighting for you or—well, for some woman, back in a home some place with a family and children that I am trying to protect from these horrible tyrants. That’s the way it’s been down through history. And you, I mean women, you’ve always been a civilizing and moderating influence on men and their urge to fight one another. Kind of a brake that periodically gets called into play to stop us boys from burning down the whole house with our horseplay, so to speak. That’s what your role should be in any kind of sane society, stopping us guys from doing a lot of the stupid things we do. Making us grow up and be responsible. But in America, a couple of generations ago, women decided they wanted in on the menfolks’ politics, and the menfolks’ wars, and when you did that, you stopped being a civilizing influence and became part of the problem. We ended up with power-mad bitches like Margaret Thatcher and Hillary Clinton sending the troops out to slaughter just as easily as men ever did."

--"A Mighty Fortress", pg 200

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