Tuesday, August 29, 2006

HOTR on Economic Warfare

Employers who hired Mexicans or Chinese or Somalis came in to work one morning and found their establishments burned to the ground. We did the same to hundreds of the little corner shops and convenient stores and motels owned by Koreans and Indians and whatnot. We didn’t kill anyone. The rich men got the message very quickly and much more effectively. If we’d killed their mud labor they would simply have brought in more, but burn down their buildings and their equipment? Their means of production? That hit the rich men where it hurt. They became sudden converts to the many benefits of hiring white labor, and all of a sudden the pastures for Third Worlders got very much greener elsewhere than the Pacific Northwest. After Jerry Reb burned or blew up all the welfare offices, destroyed the records, and publicly flogged, tarred and feathered some state and Federal bureaucrats, the welfare system broke down and there was a massive flight of blacks and browns and yellows out of the Homeland. After the first year of war the United States government never got a penny in taxes out of the Pacific Northwest. That’s how colonial wars are won, Eva. How we won. The generals never surrender. The accountants do. The Pacific Northwest became a luxury that the Americans couldn’t afford.

--“The Hill of the Ravens”, pg. 113

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