Wednesday, October 18, 2006

HOTR on the GUBU Individual

GUBU. Grotesque, Unbelievable, Bizarre, and Unprecedented. It’s a slang term the Old Man picked up somewhere on his travels. He started using it in his writings about the twentieth century racial resistance movement, and it stuck. Cord is of a certain anachronistic type the movement mostly weeded out in the early part of this century, or who were more accurately weeded out by ZOG when they did stupid things and were arrested. Eccentrics, misfits, sad sacks, dysfunctional or barely functional who came in the cause looking for an intellectual night’s lodging, or simply a night’s lodging of any kind. Cord is what might be politely called a rugged individualist, and not so politely called an asshole. He is arrogant and conceited, he has an extremely abrasive personality and has great difficulty getting along with people.

--“The Hill of the Ravens”, pg 205

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