Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Pre-Revolutionary Party

I’ve seen a lot of movies and televids that are supposedly about the early days before the revolution. They show people getting sworn into the Party at the stroke of midnight in some secret hideout, along with some dramatic Mafia-style blood oath ceremony, with candles and Tricolors and swastika banners and pictures of the Führer all over. Hey, maybe it actually happened like that in some places. But not in Dundee, Washington. In Dundee we just had our own crowd who accepted the Principles and wanted our own country with jobs and medical care and no Mexicans and no Leon Sorels beating on people. Out of that grew little teams and affinity groups of people we trusted. That was the Party in Dundee, and when time and place served, we became the local NVA.

Besides, by the time I came along the Party had abolished formal membership anyway, because the government kept trying to make it into a criminal conspiracy case. I understand that in the old days before Northwest Migration, and even for a little while after the Migration got started, there were so-called white racist groups that would let any Tom, Dick, and Harry fill out a membership application and send it in by mail, of all the insane things, and so long as you also sent in your ten dollars for your first month’s dues you would get a membership card, sight unseen. Some even would let you apply online and use your Visa or Mastercard to become a real live white supremacist extremist. Hell, with some of those ripoffs if you sent in enough box tops you got a secret decoder ring as well. I mean, Jesus, how stupid is that? What kind of revolutionary movement takes Visa and Mastercard? I always wondered why white people in those days couldn’t tell that all those little Fearless Leader types weren’t really serious. Or why no one seemed to care.

The first thing you need to understand about the Party in those days was that it wasn’t ever a democratic political party, in the sense of running candidates in elections like the Republicans and Democrats. Don’t be fooled by the fact that we occasionally contested a few local elections across the Northwest, and even won a few. Those were carefully selected and planned exercises in propaganda and psychological warfare, and their purpose was to let us take advantage of the severely limited legal status it gave us, at least for the duration of the campaign. After the votes were in, ZOG always came after everybody involved, investigating and arresting and prosecuting them if they could for any little pissant election law violation they found, so we didn’t even bother to run for town council very often.

We were never under any illusion that we would vote our way into power anyway, and despite what you hear about the alleged debate within the Party between the revolutionaries and the kosher conservatives, I don’t recall ever meeting anybody who was dumb enough to think we could win at the ballot box. That so-called debate was pretty much over by the time I got involved. We all understood that the whole system we lived under was deliberately constructed to make sure that ordinary people like us never got anywhere near the buttons and levers of true state power, and never got into any position where we might actually get our fingers into the cookie jar. State power was for the rich only: for lawyers, Jews, and white men without souls in expensive business suits. Period, end of story.

All of the instruments of law and government in the United States, the news media, the right to speak and have your voice heard, the right to be treated with respect and not be kicked like a dog and used as a teat to be milked for money—all that was for the rich, the one percent of the population that controlled ninety-nine percent of the world’s wealth and all of its people. Po’ white boys need not apply.

-A Distant Thunder

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