Monday, May 21, 2007

TB on Enemy Forces and Objectives

“Define enemy forces,” requested Hatfield.

“Anyone who is part of the Federal apparatus of control and enforcement, or who assists in maintaining the Zionist occupation, or who gives aid and comfort to the régime,” Morehouse explained. “Military personnel, of course. FBI and Homeland Security agents, obviously. Certain local police but not all; that’s a special problem I’ll go over with you later. Some of the cops will be on our side, or at least willing to stand aside and let us get on with it. State and federal judges and anyone to do with the court system, and all lawyers. There are a few good lawyers and they go on a special don’t-shoot list, but they’re going to have to find another way to make a living. The enemy court system comes to a screeching halt, period. Anyone to do with the prison system—we want to make them move all those nigger and Mexican criminals the hell out of the Homeland, because in a pinch they might release thousands of gang-bangers and drug-addicted scum to attack the white population and create confusion and diversion. There are a number of white prisoners we want released to join us, but they’re a special problem and will be dealt with at a higher level than yours, unless your company should be specifically brought in on any such operation. Federal bureaucrats of any kind, but especially anyone to do with the IRS or revenue collection. One of the keystones of our strategy is that from now on, not one more dime we can prevent goes to Washington D. C. from the Pacific Northwest. Elements in the media and the civilian population who actively support the régime or propagandize for it. And of course, anyone with skin the color of shit is henceforth persona non grata in the Northwest. Believe me, Zack, you won’t lack for targets. Basically, your job is to make sure that from Beaverton on down the river to the sea, ZOG’s writ doesn’t run anymore.”

-The Brigade

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