Wednesday, May 30, 2007

TB on The Middle East and Conservatives

“The past few years have been a real eye-opener for Bert and a lot of people like him. They started out believing all that yay-hoo propaganda after 9/11, waving their Amurrican flags and stomping and cheering for Jug-Ears when he started this endless war in the Middle East, staring like brain-dead zombies at Fox News and swallowing whatever crap the neocons dished out. Of course for most folks, a lot of that was finally finding a group of people with dark skins whom white people were legally allowed to hate. They projected their real loathing for niggers and Mexicans onto poor old Apu down at the Quickie Mart. Then as the war ground on for year after year, some of the sharper right-wingers like Bert started noticing the contradictions, the little things here and there that didn’t quite fit in with the official version of events.”

“Like the fact that every petroleum-grabbing invasion the United States has carried out has turned into a fiasco?” asked Hatfield.

“That, of course, but other things as well,” replied Ekstrom. “I think one of the best unintended consequences to come out of this Middle East crusade of ours has been that it’s no longer possible to keep the central role of Israel in all this discreetly in the background, like the establishment used to do. The little man behind the curtain has finally been forced out into the open. I’ve actually heard Bert pass a few remarks questioning the official version of 9/11, and hinting that Israel might have had something to do with it in order to drag America into the Middle East, after that Second Intifada in the early two thousands, when it became apparent that the kikes were losing their military edge over the Arabs and wouldn’t be able to fend off the entire Muslim world forever.”

-The Brigade

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