Tuesday, June 26, 2007

TB on Federals and Informers

“These are bad people and they’ve done very bad things. I for one think they still owe us for Sam and Vicky Weaver. There are times when vengeance is thoroughly justified, and this is one of them. But there’s more to it than that, much more. We’re not just sending a message to the FBI today, we’re sending our message to Joe Six-Pack. He has to understand that these people no longer rule the roost in the Northwest, that when he sees something he shouldn’t or he has some kind of problem with the NVA, the last damned thing on earth he wants to do is call the police or the FBI, because they can’t even protect themselves, much less him and his family. This is about destroying the occupation’s credible monopoly of armed force and convincing Joe and Jane Six-Pack that whatever their options may be, picking up that telephone isn’t one of them.”

-The Brigade

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Robert said...

I might have to find a copy of these books.

With no payment options over the internet this may be hard for me.

But what I have read so far in the quotes from the books, I like it.