Monday, June 04, 2007

TB on Volunteer Armament

"...Each Volunteer should have at least one heavy handgun, 9-mm or bigger, powerful enough to do some damage, a .45 or a .357. As well as that one, they also need a small, concealable handgun, a .38 snub or a .380 automatic, as a holdout, just like cops carry. Both fully loaded and with at least one extra magazine. Okay, that won’t always be practical, like at our jobs, but we need to be able to get to a weapon quick, always. Every Volunteer should also be issued one personal long-arm, something like an M-16 or an AK if we can get them. If not, then a good hunting rifle, and I would also say one sawed-off or very short 12-gauge shotgun for immediate defense in the home or indoor situations, if they come barging in the door.”

-The Brigade

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