Wednesday, June 07, 2006

ADT on Genuine Redistribution of Wealth

All that money that we were heisting from banks and Mighty Marts and extorting from casinos and the ransom money from kidnapped hebes didn’t stay in our pockets. One way or another, the Party and the NVA carried out a genuine redistribution of wealth. The ZOG media accused us of trying to buy support among the population. Absolutely. Realistically speaking, our largesse probably worked better than all our agitprop appealing to moral and racial issues combined. We followed Huey Long’s stricture and we put them vittles back on the table, and the people of the Northwest did not scorn to partake of the feast. For the first time in centuries, other than during the brief twelve years of the Third Reich, serious wealth was being taken out of the pockets of the Jews and the plutocracy and was being returned into the pockets of the working class and middle class white people who had created that wealth.

--"A Distant Thunder", pg 292

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