Tuesday, June 06, 2006

HOTR on Why They Deny Race

They denied it because it was in their economic and political interest to do so…The answer lies in the essential Judaic world view which rules most of the world today, but which up until forty years ago ruled all of it: materialism. Or secular humanism if you want to get fancy about it. If you are of the Christian faith, as many of you are, you would define it as the ancient struggle as to who shall rule the human soul and determine the destiny of humanity: man himself or God. If you are a National Socialist, you would hold that Man is a part of Nature, while the American way teaches that he exists apart from it and above it and therefore is immune to Nature’s laws. Materialism, ladies and gentleman. The world view of man as an economic animal rather than as a spiritual being with a soul.

--"The Hill of the Ravens", pg 191

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