Wednesday, June 14, 2006

ADT on Paying The Tab

Generation after generation of our people lived out their lives as disgusting cowards who left this job to be done and this bill to be paid by us, may they burn in hell. You and me just paid another jolt on that divine tab that we never run up, and we’re gone pay more before it’s done, but someone has to pay that tab! God will not be mocked. He will not be cheated of His due. We used up all our passes long ago and He will no longer give the white race a free lunch. The reckoning for our weakness and our sloth and our cowardice as a people will be paid, and all the damnable, heart-wrenching, soul-destroying interest that goes with it. Because until the scales are balanced nothing good can ever come again in the world.

--“A Distant Thunder”, pg 326

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