Thursday, June 15, 2006

AMF on Bad People and Bad Things

Some people do all the drugs and race-mixing and liberalism and perversions deliberately, because they’re not just dumb-asses, they’re really sick fucks and bad people who like to roll around in their own vomit. Bad things don’t just happen like some kind of natural disaster. Bad things are caused by bad people. Something’s broken inside them, and they ain’t never gonna act right, so fuck ‘em. Somewhere along the line we got this ridiculous idea that bad people have some kind of right to keep on doing their perversions and fucking everything up for everyone else and making kids turn out bad and fucked-up like they are. Like hell they do. Bad people don’t need to be persuaded not to be bad, they need to be hit in the head. That’s what we’re finally doing. I just hope to God we didn’t begin too late.

---“A Mighty Fortress”, pg 50

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