Saturday, July 22, 2006

AMF on The Supine Citizen

I think we’ve always underestimated just what personal, physical cowards the people who run the United States are. America gave them this wonderful, luxurious good life in exchange for their moral blindness and their collusion in the insane imperial dreams of the neo-cons. These people enjoy the hell out of that good life, they’ve gotten soft as butter, and they have no intention whatsoever of sacrificing their own lives so that they can’t enjoy all those American goodies any more. The problem with the old Movement always boiled down to the fact that the white man was a coward, too. As bad as things were for us, life was just too sweet. We had our color televisions and our air conditioners and our refrigerators full of beer, and so for generations we refused to do the only thing we knew would actually change things and give our children a better world.

--“A Mighty Fortress”, pg 111

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