Thursday, August 03, 2006

AMF on Why not “Northwest Aryan Republic”

Because then for years to come we’d have to stop and explain to people what we mean by Aryan, which will be hard since we seem to be somewhat unsure of that ourselves…One thing we learned early on, back when we were building the Party before the war broke out, is to keep everything as simple as possible. We want a name for our country that states who we are without having to go off into a long digression into nineteenth-century racial theory. However, Dan, if you object, you and everyone else will have a chance to say so and put it to a vote. Immediately after the American withdrawal we will convene some kind of parliament or constituent assembly, and all of these things will eventually be ratified either by that assembly or in a nationwide plebiscite. Nothing is written in stone.

--“A Mighty Fortress” pg 114

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