Saturday, August 05, 2006

HOTR on Why Capitalism Imports Third Worlders

Cheap labor…The same reason they used feminism to pour millions of women into the workforce beginning in the 1960s. To create a vast pool of cheap labor for capitalism that would keep wages down and be much more easily manipulated than the traditional white male blue-collar working class. There were also social engineering and cultural objectives as part of the larger Judæo-liberal agenda, involving the planned phasing out of the traditional family unit based on Christian values, and its replacement by sexually perverse and non-white substitutes that would be more brittle, less cohesive, and have less resistance to exploitation. The ultimate objective was to create a uniformly materialistic world based on the accumulation of the most massive profits possible, through the amalgamation of all the races of mankind into one brown-skinned, raceless, cultureless mass that would have no religious or cultural heritage at all and would respond to whatever the Judæo-liberal ruling élite programmed into them.

--“The Hill of the Ravens”, pg 192-193

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PuckPan said...

Nice comments. Capitalism is a mode for the ultimate betrayal of our race - putting self-satisfaction against love of folk which is ultimately spiritual.

That's why capitalism and communism are just different wings of the same anti-Aryan demon.

Nationalism is the ture antithesis of materialism. That's why nationalism scares our enemies so.