Thursday, September 07, 2006

HOTR on Soylent Green

Soylent Green portrays the nightmare world that the unholy alliance of Zionism, capitalism, and liberalism sought to create. It was to be a world where a small little group of fantastically wealthy people live in unimaginable luxury. They would rule over a polluted and decayed planet consisting of billions of brown wage slaves, almost insect-like in their mindless conformity, existing in the very conditions of squalor and poverty which exist today in most places outside the Republic. Worker ants who would never revolt, because they didn’t know any better. Conditions in the United States haven’t quite reached the soylent green level, but they’re getting there. The mud-colored helots of America have no religion except things like the Ronald McDonald cult. They have no language except the primitive Spanglish patois which is now the lingua franca of the States, and most of the remaining whites are now illiterate. They have no concept of history other than politically correct horse manure that ZOG spoonfeeds them about warrior bimbos wearing armored bikinis and ridiculous lies about the great men and women of history all being colored, Jewish, Marxist, feminist, sexually perverted, or some combination of all the above. That is what the greatest tyranny the earth has ever seen spent almost a century preparing for. Laying the groundwork, slicing away the rights and the freedoms of white Americans and Canadians thin slice by slice. All leading towards the day when the world would become one huge global plantation while Massah Hymie and the international bankers sat on the verandas of the corporate mansions, with mint juleps and designer cocaine cocktails in their hands.

--"The Hill of the Ravens", pg 193-194

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