Monday, October 09, 2006

ADT on Prisons and White Convicts

The prisons themselves were a kind of subsidiary part of our attack against the legal system. During the first couple of years we actually staged a number of prison breaks purely for the purpose of creating general chaos and tying down the enemy's police and other forces. This is a good example of the kind of brutal logic that actuated our strategic thinking. We knew that by blowing holes in fences, overpowering guards and unlocking gates, we were unleashing on the community a small army of thugs, drug addicts, cholos, gang bangers, and hoodlums, almost all of them non-white, who would proceed to victimize white Northwesterners in their wonted manner and thus increase resentment against persons of color. Sometimes we even made ourselves heroes when NVA sniper teams or active service units tracked down and liquidated black or brown criminals who other NVA crews had released in the first place. As to the white convicts, there was always a legend to the effect that the NVA was staging these jailbreaks in order to recruit criminals. That wasn't true, in most cases. We did have some of the white convicts ask to join us, but we had a standing rule: a white con was not considered to be one of us unless he had been racially aware and active before he went inside.

--"A Distant Thunder", pg 288-289

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