Wednesday, May 23, 2007

TB on Enemy Assests and Public Relations

"...General Order Number Four orders all non-whites and homosexuals to leave the three basic Homeland states and anywhere else we’re operating. Henceforth all non-whites, especially Jews, are considered to be legitimate military targets and are to be destroyed on sight, in theory. In practice, your job will be not to run around slaughtering blacks and Mexicans en masse. Your task is to drive them out, if you see the difference. Dead or vamonos doesn’t matter, we want them gone.”

“Oh, they’ll get gone,” said Tommy Coyle grimly.

“It is absolutely vital that we whiten up the Northwest, and fast,” said Morehouse. “Every non-white, every Jew, and every bugger boy is a potential enemy asset, a pair of eyes and ears for the Feds, a potential enemy soldier who by the very nature of who and what they are can only seek to do harm to us and to our people. That’s in addition to all the problems they cause with their usual crime, violence, drugs, and monkey music. Right now the federal government has a vast pool of millions of willing assets, activists, and soldiers, living right here among us. We have to drain that swamp.

“But what’s more important, the white people of the Northwest need to see a difference, a visible improvement in their lives. Fewer Mexicans especially. They need to no longer hear the babble of Spanish or ching ling ding in the local Safeway. They have to no longer be confronted with sullen clerks and attendants in business places who don’t speak English. They must no longer stand an extra twenty minutes behind endless sets of Mamacita, Papacita, and seven little bambinos in the checkout line. They have to notice that all of a sudden there are jobs available once again. They should be able to open their windows on a summer evening and not hear jangling salsa music from a boom box or a passing low ride. They have to notice that all of a sudden there are doctors and medical services available again in the local hospital, so when little Timmy cuts his hand or falls off his bike they can take him in and not have to wait four hours in the emergency room because it’s flooded with non-paying wetbacks. They have to be able to walk down the streets of their towns and cities in safety, and not feel like they’re in Guadalajara or Hong Kong or Somalia. White people may not come out openly and support us, but they will notice these things, and in the privacy of their own thoughts, they will know who is responsible, and they’ll thank us for it.”

-The Brigade

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