Friday, May 25, 2007

TB on Minorities and Entry Level Employment

“Right now a white male who can’t get into college and go high techie once he’s there is in deep shit. He gets a degree in business or liberal arts or something like that, and he ends up driving an ice cream truck or delivering pizzas. We need to put a stop to that crap. The employers are the key. To get rid of the beaners we don’t just go around blasting them on the corner, although there needs to be some of that, of course, to get them motivated. We go for the employers, without whom there would never have been any problem to begin with. We need to deprive capitalism of this vast pool of cheap Third World labor they’ve imported into this country and force them to start investing in real human resources again, to hire ten white people at a decent wage and train them and motivate them and keep them, instead of just hiring a hundred Mexicans off the street corner every two months or calling a temp agency for a no-benefits, minimum-wage office drudge. We have to open the job market for whites again, so they can at least do like our grandfathers did, get a start in some company even if it’s only on the production line or in the warehouse, and work their way up.”

-The Brigade

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