Wednesday, June 13, 2007

TB on Float Operations

“Floats are the most dangerous of all NVA operations, because they’re more or less spontaneous and unplanned,” said Donner. “That’s when some of the boys lock and load, pile into a couple of cars, and go out cruising to try and find somebody to shoot. The drawbacks are obvious; there’s a possibility you will run into something you can’t handle or get jammed up in traffic with the cops after you, something like that. But they’re a valuable tactic for the same reason. The enemy doesn’t know when and where we will hit. Once you guys here get a few notches on your guns, most of your targets, the people on those lists, are going to flee the area or go to ground, and most of the stationary targets will become heavily guarded and secured. In an area like this, most of your possible targets are in town and close together. There aren’t that many of them, and the enemy can figure out who we’re going to want to hit as well as we can, then take precautions and arrange nasty surprises for any Volunteers who show. Floats introduce a variable that the enemy can’t predict. They will be especially valuable in your General Order Four operations. How often have all of us been driving down the street and seen a racially mixed couple and wanted to blast the creeps? Well, here’s your chance."

-The Brigade

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