Tuesday, June 12, 2007

TB on Media Interaction

“Media personnel are much more delicate,” said Donner. “We not only need to neutralize them as enemies, we need to make use of them for our own purposes, no matter how reluctant they may be. We can do this by punishing a few of their more excessive individual personnel, but letting the rest continue to function so long as they provide balance in their coverage. For example, if they have to report federal government press releases and statements, fine. But they also report statements by the NVA, verbatim, and they do it with a straight face and no unseemly comments. They give us the same air time and they refrain from any snide side remarks or manipulation of the news. Oh, and by the way, they don’t use the term ‘terrorists.’ They call us the NVA, or Northwest Volunteers, or white separatists, or even insurgents is fine, but terrorist is the Federal word for us, and they will therefore not use it. It is not beyond the realm of feasibility that we might develop special relationships with certain ladies and gents of the Fourth Estate. The thought of that Pulitzer Prize for front-line reporting on the war on domestic terror could be a powerful motivating factor.”

-The Brigade

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