Thursday, June 07, 2007

TB on Preventing Another Birmingham

"But still, there are some guidelines. Some very important guidelines,” warned Donner. “First and foremost, no kids! Red and yellow, black and white, they ain’t all precious in His sight by a damned long shot. Nevertheless, never ever deliberately hit a child, and bend over effing backwards to avoid harming a child accidentally. That’s a child of any color.”

“Even Jews?” asked Hatfield.

“Regrettably, yes. Killing kids is the worst possible image we can have in the public mind, and it’s one of the things that might tip the psychological balance and lose us the war,” said Donner firmly.

“Define child, in non-white terms,” requested Washburn.

“Pre-pubescent. Young enough to still be cute,” Donner told him.

“Baby rattlesnakes grow up to be big rattlesnakes,” said Ekstrom. “Those two nigger crackheads who…who did something to a member of my family, they were picaninnies once.”

“You know that and I know that, QM,” said Donner. “The overwhelming majority of these pale-skinned morons gawping at Fox News won’t be able to wrap their minds around it, and we need to convert those people or at least neutralize them, not write them off and alienate them. They may be useless themselves, they may not be our nation’s future, but their gene pool is. Non-whites generally start posing a threat to the white community at about age 13 or 14, when they join their first gang, puff their first crack pipe, and start committing their first thefts. If they’re old enough to have a shitty little moustache or visible tits, they’re old enough to do harm to white people and they’re fair game, although personally I’d say play it safe by concentrating on adults. One obvious exception would be blacks or Mexicans in high school that can’t seem to lay off chasing white girls. We need to get the word out: that shit comes to a screeching halt, now! But younger than that, lay off. You remember 1963, when the Klan blew up a nigger church in Birmingham that was being used as a political headquarters and operations center by the NAACP and the Jews who ran the so-called civil rights movement? And those four little black girls happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? The liberals still play the sad violins over that one, and that episode became part of the image that destroyed the Klan as an effective force in the South and maybe gave this whole vile system another three generations of life. We have to make sure we don’t have any Birmingham churches in the Northwest.”

-The Brigade

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