Wednesday, June 06, 2007

TB on Target Selection

"It may look to outsiders like we’re just gunning down non-whites at random, but actually the whole issue of target selection is very complex. The selection of targets will primarily be the duty of the company commander, with the assistance of the XO in his intelligence gathering capacity, but anyone can propose an enemy target for the CO’s consideration. Every target that we destroy, human or material, needs to have some kind of clear and visible value to the Zionist occupation government. The public needs to be able to see and understand why we shot so and so or blew up or burned down such and such a place. Once the target is proposed, the XO does a feasibility study, including surveillance of the target, looking over the ground, etc. Ideally you should never stage any attack without having scouted the terrain first, with the exception of floats, which we’ll get into in a bit. If the XO reports that an attack is feasible with minimum risk to the Volunteers, or at least an acceptable degree of risk in proportion to the importance of the target, then the CO organizes and carries out the tickle.”

-The Brigade

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