Wednesday, July 04, 2007

TB on Judaic Materialism

“Is it true that those two kikes last night were about to sit down to a sixty-thousand dollar imported dinner flown in from Israel?”

“Where’d you hear that?” asked Lockhart, his eyes still out the window.

“CNN. They had some rabbi from Portland on there crying his eyes out and sawing on the sad violins like mad, talking about how these two wonderful Jewish love boids was gonna sit down to this great expensive meal that Jakie had spent all this money on to show his love for his Irene. The hell of it is, I think he meant it. That’s how a Jew shows his love, by spending huge sums of money. They quantify everything in money, everything in the world has a price tag for them. And when I heard this I was thinking about Todd, who lost his leg defending Israel from the poor nation they stole that land from, defending that Jew’s right to sit down to a sixty grand feed not three hundred yards from where I sit eating dog food. That’s a Silver Star from Khe Sanh hanging on my wall there, and now my son is dead and my grandson maimed for life defending those people and their shitty little stolen country, nothing but a blank wall ahead for those I will soon leave behind, and they sit there within my sight stuffing sixty thousand dollars in their faces. God damn them! God damn them to hell! ..."

-The Brigade

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