Sunday, July 15, 2007

TB on PC Pressure Groups

"A year from now, those two dead suits down the road on Highway 30 will be nothing more than a footnote. As to the local lefties and neocons and general Amurrican assholes who have been yanking your chain ever since you’ve been in office, don’t worry about them either. The Clatsop County Diversity Commission? We’re going to diversify their asses right out of here. The Hispanic Coalition? In a fairly short time from now, I bet you won’t hear a word of Spanish anyplace in Astoria. The Gay Pride Association? Every bugger boy in the county will either get the hell out or they’ll get a .38-caliber enema. They say that all politics is local. Well, one of the things that will happen during the Northwest revolution is that all these local PC pressure groups and special interest lobbies and whatnot that have been making normal people’s lives miserable and poisoning little towns like this with their crap will disappear, because the people involved will disappear. There’s nothing like a bullet in the head to make people shut the fuck up.”

-The Brigade

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Robert said...


Not a thing says STFU quite like a bullet to the mullet.